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UCL Swift’s portfolio of fusion splicing solutions can help you save time & money.

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Why juggle multiple low-quality tools when you can have everything you need in one Precision Fusion Splicer?

UCL Swift developed its portfolio of cutting-edge, All-In-One Fusion Splicers, to streamline fiber splicing workflows, to reduce installation times and to improve the reliability of fiber splices. UCL Swift Fusion Splicers have also been proven to deliver significant CAPEX & OPEX savings with Fusion Splice On Connectors (FSOCs) versus Mechanical Splice On Connectors (MSOCs).

What does “All-In-One” mean?

UCL Swift All-In-One Fusion Splicers combine the five (5) essential functions of stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing, and protecting into a single, efficient fiber splicing process. This patented All-In-One system of integrated functionality provides an excellent platform for consistent fusion splicing performance and high productivity for Field Technicians.

By consolidating all necessary functions into one device, fiber splicing time is optimized. All-In-One Fusion Splicers also eliminate the need for multiple pieces of equipment for Field Technicians, saving you both time and money!

Benefits and Features

  • Integration of 5 functions into one unit (stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing, protecting).
  • The All-In-One system delivers precision results, provides best quality splicing onsite and in limited workspaces.
  • No scratches on fiber with Automatic Thermal Stripping.
  • Rotating blade design allows for up to 77,000 cleaves..
  • Two (2) sets of electrodes allow for up to 76,000 arcs.
  • Wide array of Fusion Splice-On Connectors (FSOCs) in accordance with industry standards for ISP & OSP applications.
  • Ideal for Enterprise, Datacenter, Broadband and FTTx network applications

The FONEX Experience

UCL Swift Fusion Splicers aren’t just precision tools. UCL Swift is a top-tier OEM and your solution is backed by unparalleled customer support from the FONEX Team, including a comprehensive 3-year hardware warranty, expert technical support and knowledge transfer through exclusive training sessions.

When you choose FONEX + UCL Swift, you’re investing in reliability and peace of mind that comes with a solution partnership focused on Customer’s objectives & business outcomes.

Fully-Integrated Capabilities


  • No scratches from Automatic Thermal Stripping (ATS), tensile strength of fiber tested by >2kgf.
  • ATS strips minimum 7mm up to 28mm maximum without damaging fiber surface.
  • Approx. 1-3 seconds fiber stripping time.


  • One-touch pump action.
  • The alcohol pump receptacle can be removed and refilled with fiber cleaning fluid.
  • To avoid splashing cleaning fluid, please cover top part of pump dispenser with a fiber cleaning cloth and depress.


  • Single-action with self-rotating blades for consistent cleaving performance.
  • Optimally designed to cleave the fiber at a 90-degree angle.
  • Fiber shards are automatically collected in the slide-type chip box with removable receptacle located on right-side of unit.
  • All fiber cleaves are digitally inspected in the Arc Fusion bay. Cleave angles are shown on the unit LCD screen.


  • Fusion Splicing available for one (1) fiber strand (KF4A, KF4A-HDC & KF33A-HDC models) or for multiple fiber strands (KR12A model)
  • After Arc Fusion, each fiber splice is digitally-inspected, tested for tensile strength (up to 0.23kgf) and then confirmed to be standard-compliant (“PASS”).
  • Estimated Insertion Loss (i.e. typically 0.00dB to <0.02dB) is displayed on the unit LCD screen.


  • Increased productivity from integrated Thermal Heater Section.
  • Equipped with built-in sleeve loader for convenience and to prevent fusion point contamination.
  • Approx. 20-35 seconds to protect a fusion splice point with a shrink sleeve.
  • Cool-down tray included for safety.