Simple, high-capacity solutions that scale to meet the demands of future optical access networks

Anticipating the growing demands that 5G, mobile backhaul, and remote PHY will place on existing access networks in the future, Service Providers have made significant investments in fiber-optic network equipment and infrastructure.

There is an urgent need for simple, high-capacity solutions that scale to meet the demands of these evolving technologies. Existing network constraints also dictate that solutions providing high-capacity optical channels in the access network must have the proper reach and temperature specifications, while minimizing power consumption. Continue reading

High Speed Access

Service Providers continue to be challenged with increasing expectations from consumers and businesses for higher bandwidth services. 

At the same time, the number of technologies they must support keeps multiplying.  There is a need to support faster internet access for a larger number of people, but also to support smaller cells, new faster-rate 5G technologies, and a soon to become infinite number of end points with the Internet of Things (IoT).  This poses severe technical and investment challenges. It requires several solutions suited to the application and to the Continue reading

Mobile xHaul

The evolution to 4G LTE-A is here and will drive more and more data to the network.

5G is rapidly approaching, changing the way that mobile backhaul networks are designed and operated. Performance of the transport network will become very important to this development.

The multiplication of small cell, pico cell, M2M network and the different radio access architectures, result in bigger backhaul capacity to be deployed, stricter synchronization needs and adaptative xHaul transport network. Continue reading

Intelligent Transport Network

A new network model has emerged from the separation of the different network roles.  From Network Function Virtualization (NFV), comes a more intelligent transport network.

Continuously increasing network traffic is forcing operators to evolve their network to be more dynamic and intelligent. NFV helps them answer that challenge. Indeed, it allows virtualization of Firewalls, Customer Premise Equipment, Network Gateways and more.

But the new model pushes this logic even further.

Two-layer networking

Continue reading

Critical Infrastructure

FONEX critical infrastructure solutions addresses multiple applications to solve existing and evolving network challenges by combining our engineering skills with field experience.  FONEX is well positioned to undertake your immediate network challenges and, address the future needs for critical networks.

Critical Infrastructure requirements

We understand that any critical infrastructure solution needs to meet your network’s strict requirements and ensure reliability. To establish secure and robust communication options for utilities, transportation and governments, FONEX partners exclusively with world-class vendors to provide advanced expertise and an array of field-proven technologies that include encryption and monitoring for intrusions, malware or anomalies. Continue reading