Partnering with RAD enables FONEX to define and optimize metro Ethernet and service assured access delivery platforms, while lowering its customer’s TCO.


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RAD provides effective solutions for the adoption of pioneering technologies that allow for improved service agility, lower total cost of ownership, and maximized revenues.

RAD technology enables Service Providers to improve network availability and quality of service. Providing a comprehensive tool-kit to enhance Carrier Ethernet business services delivery over any network, Service Providers can readily plan, provision and orchestrate MEF certified Carrier Ethernet service over any access.

RAD is also revolutionizing the migration of legacy services, adopting software-defined networking (SDN)/network functions virtualization (NFV), and securing robust communications for critical infrastructure.

Evolve any service over any network

As new technology and protocols emerge, the equipment used to deliver legacy services typically receives limited vendor support or becomes completely obsolete. The conventional approach of replacing all network gear required for the delivery of new services — sometimes called a ‘forklift’ upgrade — is time-consuming and expensive.

An ideal alternative would be a gradual, seamless transition to new technologies that enabled new services, while supporting legacy services in parallel.

Different paths lead to a hybrid solution

RAD offers many solutions that supports all necessary protocol conversions for the delivery of multiple communications services. This ‘hybrid’ approach supports state-of-the-art technologies that enable the introduction of new services that are essential for service providers and network operators to compete in the future. Simultaneously, it maintains performance levels for mission-critical legacy services, preserving revenue streams, minimizing customer churn, and significantly reducing the risks associated with a network migration.

Deal effectively with your network infrastructure and service challenges

As global experts working in support of revenue-generating telecommunications services, FONEX leverages a variety of RAD solutions to assist our clients with their network migration and virtualization plans — at a pace that is right for them.

RAD and FONEX are at the forefront of many different pioneering technologies, including:

  • performance monitoring for any network;
  • timing synchronization over packet-switched networks;
  • hardware miniaturization;
  • complete vCPE toolbox for SDN/NFV and network edge virtualization; and
  • robust cyber security.

RAD products are uniquely versatile and reliable, allowing FONEX to offer simpler, more effective solutions. With a common management system that provides complete visibility of network performance, RAD solutions benefit from for greater operational efficiencies.

FONEX Solutions associated with RAD

Bringing business-driven access solutions to market

FONEX and RAD have built a long-standing, collaborative relationship that spans 20 years and many successful global deployments. FONEX is RAD’s solution partner in Canada, France and Italy, and is proud to be recognized as RAD’s largest partner in North America. The RAD portfolio aligns perfectly with FONEX’s focus on providing innovative and disruptive solutions to our clients. Our alliance allows FONEX to provide its customers with best-of-breed, reliable, cost-effective, and future-proof networking platforms.

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