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FONEX deploys long-distance fiber transport solution to Cree Communities  

Eeyou Communications Network (ECN) partners with FONEX to establish self-managed long-distance broadband connections. 

Montreal, December 15, 2022 

FONEX data systems inc. (FONEX) today announced that it has successfully implemented a fibre optic network highway solution to provide reliable long-distance / high-capacity broadband services to the Cree Communities of Eeyou Istchee and the Municipalities of the James Bay Region in Northern Quebec. 

This comes as part of a plan to bring fiber links with internet access to this region, which has been in the works for more than 20 years. Communities of this Northern Region can now rely on robust 100 Gb/s links that can be used for applications such as FTTH deployments for Internet access plus new social and economic development initiatives. 

To surmount the many significant design challenges of remote locations, which included climate, terrain, erosion, reliability, and geographic distance (note: with links in excess of 250 km!), ECN chose FONEX and its partner Infinera, to provide an optimized, turnkey solution including the following suite of professional services: 

● Detailed Network Planning and Robust Design from FONEX & Infinera 

● A proven optical platform with ample amplification and without the need for optical signal regenerationㅤㅤ (note: zero Regen Sites) 

● ECN Equipment Pre-configuration so that the system of networking elements worked from Day 1 

● Personalized Customer Care Services, including Training & Knowledge Transfer 

● 24/7 Technical Support Services from FONEX & Infinera

The Infinera XTM platform was proposed, and the solution was reviewed in detail with the Communities.  Today, ECN manages and operates a world-class optical network solution, connecting eight (8) Communities across their region to reliably deliver cost-effective Internet services. 

Working in close collaboration with Eeyou Istchee Communities 

Understanding the importance of ECN’s mission was a key aspect that contributed to the success of this project. 

“FONEX worked closely with the Community, listened to their needs, and offered the best solution for their requirements. All Infinera equipment for ECN deployments was pre-configured, making installation and commissioning efforts much easier.  FONEX also provided essential training so that ECN technical staff can independently manage day-to-day operations.” 

Alfred Loon – Chair and Founding Member of Eeyou Communications Network 

Remote Broadband Projects create many profound and lasting impacts on the people and Communities they serve because optical networking infrastructure provides a critical foundation to address Digital Divide and Digital Literacy issues affecting the Region. 

“Without the vision, leadership, and dedication of the ECN Team, the ongoing success of this fibre optic network project would not be possible. On behalf of FONEX, we are truly honoured to support ECN’s mission through our dynamic partnership”

Pasquale Di PierroPresident and Founder, FONEX data systems inc. 


A not-for-profit corporation founded in 2004, the Eeyou Communications Network (ECN) is the result of an initiative of the Cree Nation Government, the Administration régionale Baie James, the Comission Scolaire de la Baie James and the Cree School Board. ECN was established to provide modern telecommunications services and to develop the social economy within the 14 communities of Eeyou Istchee and James Bay for the benefit of the population, institutions, and local businesses, including hospitals, schools and municipal administrations. For more information, visit


FONEX data systems inc. is a provider of innovative and disruptive network infrastructure design solutions that address the concerns and challenges of service providers. A carrier-grade portfolio of solutions in combination with FONEX’s technical in-house expertise has established FONEX as a trusted resource for telecom network solutions that deliver business, operational and technical benefits to Canadian and European service provider customers. For more information, visit  


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