Managed Business Services

Innovative Managed Business Services, backed by FONEX expertise and experience, empowers Service Providers to create new business offerings faster. Achieve competitive advantages that differentiates your brand, build new revenue streams, deliver a richer customer experience and monetize your network.

Optical Wave Services

Respond to the demand for high-bandwidth services with an innovative, cost effective solution

Designing, building, and configuring a dedicated optical network capable of transporting large volumes of data around the globe quickly and securely can cost millions of dollars. Built to handle peak traffic volumes, these optical networks are often under-utilized or completely idle for extended periods. An attractive alternative that Service Providers can offer Enterprise customers is a ‘capacity on demand’ model.

Capacity on demand is a secure, economical model that allows Enterprises to lease bandwidth as much as they need—only when it is needed—on an existing optical network that is owned and managed by an experienced

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Carrier Ethernet Services

FONEX has a long-standing history and expertise in helping Service Providers with their Carrier Ethernet network needs.

We offer simple solutions to answer the simple network demarcation and media conversion needs, as well as complex solutions, that address more advanced requirements in Business Internet, Wholesale and Managed Services

Our Carrier Ethernet solutions are tailored to enhance both your wireline and wireless networks, providing them the capability to be robust and

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IP Services

Partnering to deliver increased revenue streams and lower costs

As a leading Service Provider, you understand what your Enterprise customers want from their business communications services:

  • Reliable, high-performance Internet that scales with business growth
  • Secure IP VPN services that support a range of voice, video, and data services
  • Flexible and scalable managed WAN and Campus LAN service delivery solutions
  • Product quality, performance QoS and SLA guarantees
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Advanced IP Services

Enhance Basic Connectivity to Monetize Innovative IP Services

With the advent of network functions virtualization (NFV) and the ongoing disaggregation of networking software and hardware, the landscape of Enterprise IP services delivery is changing.

As Enterprises continue to off-load IT functions to the cloud, Service Providers need to provide more than best-effort connectivity. Five 9s reliability is no longer sufficient for most private, dedicated

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Voice Services

Deliver a high-quality, cost-effective solution on a converged network

Enterprise customers still demand quality, reliable voice connections. In today’s competitive market, crowded with low-cost options, the challenge for Service Provider’s is to deliver both voice & data services in a cost-effective manner.

Operational costs associated with delivering voice services over legacy infrastructure are increasing, with voice networking equipment lacking vendor support or, becoming obsolete. A complete, end-to-end transition to VoIP necessitates an infrastructure swap-out, driving significant capital expense. A better solution is to “sweat assets” at

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Virtual CPE

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is a growing topic of interest for Service Providers.

While NFV concepts are simple, making your network NFV-ready is a complex undertaking.

Depending on your existing network and objectives, there are different architectures and deployment models that can help you take full advantage of the benefits NFV has to offer.

We can help you determine the best NFV deployment model for your network.

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