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LambdaGain™ provides practical solutions to add capacity to optical access networks, quickly and cost effectively, to allow Service Providers to deal with the surging demand for bandwidth, focusing on:

  • Mobility: efficiently scaling existing optical access networks to meet current requirements, while being ready to meet the needs of 5G and beyond.
  • Wireline: effectively relieving the pressure on fiber availability in the optical access network to meet the demands of bandwidth-hungry applications and services for residential and business customers, while anticipating exponential growth in the future.
  • Cable/MSO: providing simplified, yet robust, optical access network solutions to support the evolution to a deep fiber architecture.
  • Data Center: proactively optimizing the underlying physical and optical infrastructure required for the explosive growth of data centers — and their evolving need for increased speed, capacity, and port density — by improving rack and cable raceway, and cable and fiber utilization.

Pragmatically scale the optical access network with solutions that can be implemented today

One of the primary goals of LambdaGain™ — and FONEX – is to align ourselves with the needs of our customers, to help them achieve their objectives and deliver results. We provide pragmatic solutions to scale the optical access network that can be implemented today. We incorporate physical and optical adaptation into our solutions to ensure that they can be integrated into the existing network and environment with seamless operational integration.

We work with global Tier 1 Service Providers and network operators, providing expertise in optical access networks. All LambdaGain™ products undergo in-depth interoperability testing, reducing any risk for our customers and providing them with a reliable partner.

LambdaGain™ has established strong relationships with best-in-class companies, vetted over time, allowing Service Providers to leverage an existing ecosystem of proven partners, backed by a quality system they can trust.

Break free from limited design options and add capabilities to your existing network

The LambdaGain™ portfolio provides solutions that enable our wireline, mobile, cable MSO and datacenter customers to deal with the surging demand for bandwidth driven by ultra high-speed broadband, the rollout of 5G, the evolution to fiber deep architecture, and network virtualization.

We extend existing capabilities (and add additional ones) to expand upon the toolkit of solutions available from large optical network equipment manufacturers (NEMs). This allows service providers to access all available technologies and tools, then adapt them to specific applications, without compromise.

LambdaGain™ provides an adaptable portfolio of products, including:

  • passive xWDM, that enables Service Providers to make better use of their strategic fiber assets;
  • coloured optics, including enablers for passive xWDM, which are fully compatible with major NEM equipment, extending the portfolio when necessary;
  • transceivers and smart transceivers which provide access to solutions that are not conventionally available, allowing Service Providers to make better use of their strategic platform investments and enable new capabilities; and
  • optical and physical adaptations designed to right-size the solution to meet specific application requirements and physical deployment constraints, to seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure.

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LambdaGain™ provides a portfolio of optical transceivers
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