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Infinera is redefining optical networking, empowering Service Providers to scale network bandwidth, accelerate service innovation, and automate optical network operations.

As the volume of digital information continues to grow at unprecedented levels, optical networks are required to transport data, or interconnect multiple data centers, around the globe quickly and securely.

However, most Enterprises do not have the skills or resources to design, build, and configure a dedicated optical network. For many, an attractive alternative is to pay for capacity on a network that is owned and managed by a Service Provider.

Service Providers can generate significant revenue by building a dedicated optical network, then offering a ‘capacity on demand’ service to Enterprise customers. This is a secure, economical option that allows Enterprises to request as much bandwidth as they need, only when it is needed.

Winning Through Disruption in the Optical Transport Market

Infinera solutions provide industry-leading optical capacity, transporting up to 1.2 Tbps from a single, small-form-factor system. With less hardware, network operations are simplified, performance improved, power consumption decreased, and reliability increased.

An optical network powered by Infinera provides Service Providers with complete flexibility and control, allowing them to:

  • offer Enterprise customers the ability to adjust their capacity as requirements change, even on an daily basis;
  • rapid provision and deliver innovative, high-bandwidth services;
  • and accelerate service innovation and reduce costs.

As a vertically integrated company, Infinera designs and manufactures its own solutions, from photonic integrated circuit (PIC) and application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips to complete hardware and software systems. As a result, Infinera customers don’t need to wait until new optical technologies are available from multiple suppliers.

Delivering optical transport platforms for global network operators

Infinera doesn’t follow industry trends; they establish them. Infinera introduced the industry’s first large-scale PIC, the first multi-terabit super-channels, the first multi-terabit Layer 1 encryption protocol, and the first multi-vendor open line system.

Infinera’s technology powers some of the world’s largest optical networks that form the backbone of the Internet, with customers on six different continents.

FONEX Solutions associated with Infinera

Infinera customers recognize that the status quo is no longer good enough. They know that it is time for a disruption, enabled by an infinite pool of intelligent bandwidth that can be used to build the next communications infrastructure.