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Ekinops offers unique networking solutions to help Service Provider’s disrupt the status quo and achieve substantial OPEX savings by providing network programmability and optimization tools for business services.

Enterprises and SMBs are faced with the challenge of increasing network security, redundancy, reporting and control across their organizations. To remain competitive, businesses must implement a variety of new networking services to create value while controlling costs.

Thanks to FONEX’s expertise with multi-service access router products, Service Providers can address their Enterprise and SMB customer needs with solutions from Ekinops.

A critical differentiator of FONEX’s partnership with Ekinops is comprehensive regression testing featuring service-level performance benchmarking. Ekinops CPE platforms running customer-defined configurations always perform as guaranteed. Furthermore, new features, networking capabilities and new service innovations can be easily introduced with accelerated timelines. Service Providers benefit from reductions in churn rates and faster revenue generation through successful service launches.

Departure from the Industry Norm

The Ekinops approach is a departure from the industry norm. The foundation to its success is Ekinops’s modular hardware architecture leveraging a single, common operating system software that is dedicated to each Service Provider customer. Ekinops products feature industry standard command line interface (CLI) support that can also be managed via next-generation NETCONF/YANG. Global telecom operators who have selected Ekinops experience short learning curves with fewer deployment errors and technical dispatches.

Fast & Flexible Network Virtualization

Ekinops OneOS operating system software has been designed to work with the One Series portfolio of physical CPE outlined above along with Ekinops Open Virtualized Platform (OVP) whitebox devices and virtual CPE software. Ekinops virtualization solutions are open and flexible to integrate third-party virtual networking functions (VNFs) chosen by the Service Provider.

FONEX Solutions associated with Ekinops

In today’s marketplace, ‘good enough’ is no longer adequate. It is FONEX’s desire to deliver the best overall CPE solution to satisfy Service Provider’s technical and operational requirements with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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