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DZS is FONEX’s primary Broadband access partner. This world-class provider helps us focus on building scalable, high-performance multi-service network solutions to address today’s growing data needs.

Today’s Broadband environment needs fiber access solutions that bridge the gap between current and next-generation technologies. Pressured to increase bandwidth and reduce Total Cost of Ownership, Service Providers consider the use of the latest digital subscriber line (DSL) and passive optical network (PON) technologies to evolve their access networks.

DZS provides value through fibre access transformation technology geared towards the Service Provider, utilities and large Enterprise customers.

Integrating DZS products into its solutions allows FONEX to leverage existing copper or fibre optic access facilities to engineer higher-performance DSL and FTTx services. We also help our customers convert from copper to fibre networks, and from traditional LAN to Passive Optical LAN (POL) to satisfy the provider’s bandwidth needs.

DZS’s high-level of quality control, coupled with equipment that easily bridges a variety of technologies and protocols enables FONEX to develop custom solutions that help Service Providers improve existing services, develop new ones, and establish more competitive Service Level Agreements.

Service Providers aiming to deliver high-speed access to their end users and looking for improved network performance, can also count on the FONEX expertise and technical knowledge of DZS products for assistance with the design, configuration and commissioning of these products.

Our extensive selection of DZS’s solutions is based on the latest xDSL/G.Fast, xPON and Active Ethernet standards include indoor and outdoor hardware suitable for voice, data and video services, as well as Wi-Fi access points, surveillance cameras, video conference and property surveillance sensors.

With the latest development in Passive Optical LAN, the benefits of FTTH technologies are now extended to enterprise and residential buildings. POL delivers the bandwidth, security, and reliability of FTTH to enterprise LANs, with significant reduction of costs and space requirements compared to traditional copper-based LANs.

Because POL transmits data through a strand of single mode fiber, the inherent distance limitation of traditional copper cable is eliminated, making it possible to service even a whole campus with the centralized POL chassis. POL provides a modern, future-ready, and environmentally friendly network infrastructure.

We continually work with our customers to solve their connectivity and bandwidth needs and provide them with the optimal solutions to build their network of the future.

FONEX Solutions associated with DZS

With DZS’s industry leading Copper and Fibre-based access platforms, as well as Carrier Ethernet switches and a broad range of CPEs, FONEX delivers durable, cost effective broadband solutions.