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Canoga Perkins is FONEX’s primary carrier-grade optical Carrier Ethernet network interface device (NID) partner.

A pioneer in fiber optic and WDM technologies, Canoga Perkins helps FONEX bring the highest quality of Carrier Ethernet Services to our customers.

Canoga Perkins provides value through high-performance, Carrier Ethernet termination equipment for our Tier 1 Service Providers and Enterprise customers.

Uncompromising continuity of service and sustained bandwidth are essential to the Service Provider and their Enterprise customers. Their Carrier Ethernet applications and delivery platforms also require a combination of security and flawless operation to keep costs down.

Exclusive Supplier of Reliable NID Solutions

FONEX is the exclusive supplier of Canoga Perkins equipment in Canada. Our close collaboration with Canoga Perkins allows FONEX to provide highly customized, secure customer premise equipment (CPE) solutions for Tier 1 and Enterprise networks, Ethernet point to point, and dedicated fiber lines.

Canoga Perkins’ use of reprogrammable circuits instead of off-the-shelf-chipsets allows FONEX to tailor any customer premise-to-core network installation to yield outstanding interoperability and compatibility.

Prior to installing Canoga Perkins equipment, we conduct extensive performance and compatibility tests. Once in service, network performance and availability measuring tools are configured to help meet system objectives in support of Service Level Agreements.

Canoga Perkins manufactures a wide range of 1G, 10G and 100G network interface devices (NIDs) for native Ethernet over fiber, as well as fiber optic modems. Canoga’s equipment is NEBS Level 3 certified which guarantees exceptional reliability.

By providing cost-effective, practical, and reliable solutions that integrate well, Canoga Perkins expertise, capability and support helps FONEX serve Service Providers with comprehensive and complete customer premise equipment (CPE).

FONEX Solutions associated with Canoga Perkins

With state-of-the-art quality and reliability throughout its lineup of network interface devices and Universal Chassis System fiber optic modems, Canoga Perkins helps FONEX simplify installation, operations and maintenance on carrier-grade networks.Visit CANOGA PERKINS